Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Cindi Lou,

Don't forget the beauty that was created today. You allowed the Heavens to open for you as you began the day with scripture study. This day was destined to be great the moment you stepped out of bed and greeted the day instantly with some sweet dance moves and then to your knees for Heavenly communication. You then busted some moves again, this time to an entire gift-of-a-tune by you girl Ingrid, before heading off to work. The entire drive in the car, up to the moment you shut off the ignition, you were belting out more of Ingrids beauty. You then walked into the place where you have received the opportunity to share a small time on earth, 30 hours a week, with 10 little angels. You held the angels hands, and one of them even snuck a tiny perfect kiss on your hand when you were not looking. The same angel who pressed her tiny lips up to the bus window for you as you said goodbye for the day. Another angel pressing his hand up against the bus window just to have you share the love energy through the window, connecting your hands together, leaving footprints of love, instantly on your heart. You turn, then noticing the glorious day that pulled you away from the gym, to run outside. You drove down to one of your favorite paths by the lake and parked the car. You got out and began to use the God-given ability to run...and run...and run. At the mile and a half point you had planned to turn around at, you decide to press forward and test your potential. So you ran, just because you could. At the point you thought you couldn't run anymore you realized you were only half way because you had to run back. Your potential kicked in and you put up your built-in-fight. The sun began to set in the most glorious way, and sang its brilliant song. Small moments were able to be captured with your camera such as:

Near the end of your fight you stopped to breathe it all in at one of your favorite places in the entire world; at the shore of the lake down from the path where you hear all the cars pass by but no one can see you from the street. Billions of people in this world and somehow you discovered a place that is open to all, but at that very moment, you were the ONLY one who had choose to be there. So after you have silently soaked in the beauty, naturally, you turn your pod as high as it can go, set it on the table, and began to dance with life. Freely. In this completely open, yet secluded place, allowing yourself to feel so small compared to the rest of the world but entirely powerful at this moment in time as you dance with only unseen angels.

As you finish up your run you throw your arms in the air with a realization of life's beauty and power, then get in your car and head home. Discovering the miracle of fighting for your potential; Instead of the 3 miles you were planning on going today, you found you were given power to battle a gift of 10 miles today. More than you have ever done before. You come home to an angel sister who comments on your stench, but for some reason you are proud of it, because you battled for that stench today, but you result in a shower anyway. You get out to a well cooked meal and head out for FHE where you agree on a friendship you have been afraid of because of the greatness. You decide to put away pride and selfishness and agree to the friendship of an earthly angel. As you arrive to your miraculous home you realize the magic and miracle of the beauty of the day. You understand the importance of creating your own happiness and you are humbled as you recall weeping as you watched the sun go down yesterday, because you feared the tomorrow. Today was nothing to be feared for, rather hoped, anticipated, and developed faith for. Your Father in Heaven led you today to create, together, a gift to the universe. So, Cindi, have faith in ALL tomorrows, for you have the Power every Today.
LOVE, Cindi


  1. i love the pictures and i love what you have to say! good words.

  2. ahh i feel so bad i read that comment while at work and wasnt able to comment back and totally spaced it!

    CONRATS ON THE MISSION CALL! where are you going??

    kellis email address is

    and her mailing address is

    1204 heathcliff dr.
    virginia beach, ca

    she will be so psyched to get the news and hear from you. she is pretty much obsessed. hahah